Any one out there who is …

… mad-cap creative

Do you create games and puzzles? Do you develop challenges that make others stop and think? Are you a creator of comic strips that could generate laughter around the world? Or are you photographer who will be taking the next Picture of the Year? Bulls Press is always interested in finding new talent.With sales representatives in ten European countries and an international network of partners, Bulls Press is your direct link to the world. Contact us for more information.  Read more

… are a copyright owner who is looking for an agent/partner

Are you looking for a professional, tried and tested licensing agency? If so, take a closer look at Bulls. Read more

... want to use one of our characters in your marketing

No matter which of our properties you choose, you will discover a host of benefits. By closely monitoring our characters, you will never see them in bad company: their value is as steadfast and true as they have been for decades. Read more