... want to use one of our characters in your marketing

No matter which of our properties you choose, you will discover a host of benefits. By closely monitoring our characters, you will never see them in bad company: their value is as steadfast and true as they have been for decades.

Fast, easy and effective

Many of our properties have become enduring favourites, which means you gain access to a huge archive of images. Whatever your communication goal, our wide range of characters and images ensures you will find the perfect match. In addition, we have extensive experience in production processes, copyright and brand strategies. Put all this together and you get solutions that will reach your markets quickly, easily and effectively.

A shortcut to success

As you know, the market is saturated with products and brands that struggle to differentiate themselves. With the help of our well-loved, classic characters you get the opportunity to really stand out in a way that is difficult for your competition to copy. Additionally, each of our properties possesses unique qualities. Together, we can help you find the right one to strengthen your product, service or company.

A wide and exciting portfolio of characters

Only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to how you can use our properties. Through the years, we have worked with everything from household items, toys, clothes, furniture and computer games, to major advertising campaigns. Take a look through the list of our properties to get a sense of which personality best suits your specific needs.

What does licensing cost?

Many customers new to licensing believe it’s a difficult and expensive process. Actually, quite the opposite is true. This is because you only pay for what actually works, since most contracts are based on royalties per units sold or level of use. If you choose to work with Bulls Licensing, you also avoid the costs of administrative and legal work. Compare this to the investment required to create a brand as well-known as some of our classic characters.