Betty Boop

Film’s first sex symbol never ceases to tickle the senses. Marilyn and Madonna's role model has reached cult status with her charm fully intact. An eternally young diva with a rock-steady star status.

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 Betty Boop is unique in the sense that she is one of very few female licensed characters that appeals to such a broad demographic. For example, Betty has more than 700,000 likes on  Facebook.

Betty Boop was the first female character to emerge in American animated shorts, appearing for the first time in the film Dizzy Dishes in 1930.

Betty Boop has been continually successful, from the time she was a huge movie star in the thirties until today, with her website racking up over 1 000 hits on a daily basis.

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The perfect match for Lancôme

During its 77-year long business, Lancôme has been represented by female stars such as Isabella Rosselini, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman. Although, none of them have been in business as long as Lancôme's newest star, Betty Boop.

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