Bushy Tales

BUSHY TALES is a brand new comic strip...yet it had its beginnings many years ago. Almost twenty years ago our cartoonist, Ian Jones (more of him later) did a few sketches of a wombat that he liked. However, as he was producing another cartoon strip at the time, he did not have any time, or ideas, to develop these early sketches....though he always thought it might develop into something one day.

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That day came early in 2011 when Ian and his wife, Robyn, were returning home from a weekend with friends in rural New South Wales. Whilst driving, Ian was doing a lot of thinking about things and, during the course of the trip, the whole concept of BUSHY TALES took shape. Of course, the cute wombat from those sketches of years past became the central character of this new comic strip and everything just "came together" from there as he tells it.

"The Bluff" is a hill overlooking a valley and a creek below. Ian Jones first came to The Bluff seeking refuge after a fierce bushfire destroyed his old home. BUSHY TALES is set in the Australian bush, not the "Outback", so there are plenty of trees, rocks and the creek usually has water in it, much to the delight of Ruby the platypus. 

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