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She came from a sub-culture and started her career at the country’s largest humour magazine, continued to daily newspapers throughout Europe, currently has her own magazine and is published by publis... Read more


Elvis är en av Sveriges populäraste serier. Elvis är både rolig och fräck. Nyckelvärden som ärlighet, varma relationer, passion och livsfrågor gör serien populär i alla åldersgrupper.  Elvis är e... Read more

Berserk Alert

Berserk Alert ® is a hilarious, weird, single panel Comic by Australian Cartoonist Tony Zuvela. Tony was born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy sixties; ’62. That’s him over to the left. H... Read more


Bizarro  is a surreal comic panel where eyeballs hover, dynamite sizzles, upside-down birds soar and a slice of pie hides in every corner. Bizarro  is the means by which cartoonist Dan ... Read more

Piranha Club

Ernie Floyd and his bride, Doris, live in a pleasant suburb with their brand new little baby. Their hearts are full of love and dreams and plans for the future as they go about their idyllic daily liv... Read more


With Fins, the reader finds edgy and satiric humour that reflects life in an aquarium.  With plenty of wit and a firm grip the cartoonist Ralph Ruthe makes his readers laugh. An aquarium may ... Read more

Completely Nils

Completely Nils by Norwegian Nils Ofstad is a fledgling panel. Completely Nils is crowded by follies, absurdities and more or less sick ideas. Read more

Herman Hedning

The Herman Hedning comic takes place in an early version of our world. You could call it a beta-version of the Creation. The world is ending - over and over again. Luckily the Creator has made regular... Read more

Insanity Streak

Cartoonist Tony Lopes works with one simple motto in mind: "Above all else make them laugh". And that is certainly the case with his hugely popular comic strip Insanity Streak, which he created in 199... Read more


Gulp - a hilarious joke panel of Norwegian Lars Lauvik.  Gulp is Lauviks small siding. On weekdays he draws the iconic Norwegian comic EON. In Gulp, he takes a step further in its humor. Read more

Pardon My Planet

Pardon My Planet  is a visual record of the nincompoopities of the human spirit. This imaginatively sly panel peeks under the veil of the taboo and paints a smiley face on the shroud. Deftly bala... Read more

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons  focuses on five characters and three professions. While lawyers, doctors and cops have become icons of popular culture in movies and on television, Pros & Cons  has... Read more


A popular weekly adult cartoon strip, Ratbags follows the mundane existance of two eccentric rascals who somehow just don't blend in with normal society.  RATBAGS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Rat... Read more

Rhymes With Orange

Like the color its named after, Rhymes With Orange  by cartoonist Hilary Price is a vibrant, energetic, smart strip that approaches the universal truths about everyday subjects, like relatio... Read more


Tundra  is an outdoors & nature-themed strip that has been rapidly gaining in popularity and is often called ‘the next Far Side’  by other editors.  In our first four... Read more


Tim Whyatt lives on a remote island thousands of miles from Europe, called Australia.  Every morning as he rides his kangaroo to work, hundreds of hilarious cartoon ideas appear in his head. Unfo... Read more

Viivi & Wagner

Viivi & Wagner is an unpretentious and you can easily associate with the storyline. Viivi is a quite an ordinary girl with short, frizzy hair. She is a modern, independent girl who lives with a PI... Read more

Zippy the Pinhead

Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead  is the popular comic strip with its own bizarre answers to this already bizarre world. Zippy  is inspired by the legendary circus sideshow attrac... Read more

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch, Australian cartoonist was born sometime during the last century. He was mistakenly thought to be a war baby as his parents began fighting soon after setting eyes on him. He developed an al... Read more