Puzzles & Games

Bulls Press has something for both adults and children alike.

From picture puzzles  and joining-the-dots to more difficult tasks that really get you thinking Bulls Press has just about everything. There are also crosswords  and other word games for those who like more textual challenges. And of course there’s sudoku .

This page presents material for an older audience that often enjoys an intellectual challenge. Here you can find activity material for children.

Is there anything you are missing? Get in touch – we’ll solve the problem!

Puzzles & Games

  • Battleships

    Our Battleships features an increasing level of day-to-day difficulty, Monday through Sunday. It’s perfect for puzzle fans of all skills and ages. Available online and in print.

  • Brain Snack

    BrainSnack contains mathematical challenges of different kinds.  It is as fun as it is instructive.  The difficulty level varies and it is available for publication daily in a two-column format.

  • Navigati

    Make a series of straight line jumps from Start to Finish; record the sequence of your moves (1,2,3, etc.). Each circle contains a small number; this is the distance to your next jump.

  • Use Your Wits

    An exciting collection of mental gymnastics where the left side of the brain competes against the right one, the sharp eye against the sharp mind, the pathfinder against the mathematician…