Puzzles & games for children

Catch the eye of tomorrow’s readers today! Bulls Press offers fun and educational children’s pages with puzzles and crosswords. Many of the games can also be combined with any of the Bulls Press comic strips aimed at a younger audience.


Puzzles & games for children

  • Comic for Kids

    Kids all over the world look forward to the capers of Slylock Fox and his sidekick, Max Mouse. They know that each week they will be entertained by loads of fun facts, challenging brainteasers, helpful tips and jokes.

    More than 400 newspapers make Bob Weber Jr.'s Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids the world's most successful activity feature.

  • Hocus Focus

    Two identical images or....two separate images!  Identical at first glance but then turn out to be different – this is the most common type of Spot-the-Differences games.  The difficulty degree is in the number of differences and how obvious they are.

  • Joker

    Wil Raymakers’ impeccably illustrated children’s activities are some of our most demanded products. 

    A real challenge for people who love labyrinths in different shapes and forms.  The format varies. 

  • Junior-Sudoku

    Each Junior Sudoku contains six drawings. The goal is to fill each column, each row and each 3x2 grid with each of the drawings.  The Junior Sudoku is delivered with drawings or numbers – now also with colour fields!

  • Try This

    Experimenting with different things is fun for children of all ages.  Balancing acts with a couple of forks and a coin or trying to make objects that obviously don’t float to still stay above the surface somehow.